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Meditation for Pregnancy

Everyday I deal with pregnancy anxiety. The thought that at anytime I could lose this baby often over takes my thoughts limiting my experience of the good things about this pregnancy like the fact that my only problem is heartburn and weight gain (this baby likes the carbs a lot.)

I turned to yoga to help me heal from the loss of my baby boy Damian but because my mind is so active in thoughts that race around like a whirlwind, yoga itself was not enough.

I knew meditation, a part of yoga, was another aspect of my daily routine I needed to add but it was hit and miss. I would do it one day and then not for week. Funny as I lead a meditation class at work every other week. I just was not consistent. But as with anything you need to be persistent and consistent to see a difference. 

I started daily meditating several weeks back, twice a day for 10-15 minutes. I still have moments where my mind wanders off to all the things I have to do, however, I gently remind myself and re-focus. This has reduced anxiety to a minimal level in regards to this pregnancy. 

There are many techniques and online resources to help you get started but the best way to meditate - start by breathing deep slow breaths and focus on filling your lungs, rib cage, abdomen, and pelvis.  When you need a little more to focus on, add a mantra such as "I am love" or "I am energy" with each breath.

5-15 minutes daily consistently will change you and help ease the anxiety. For a great free ten minute daily meditation challenge check out DoYouYoga.com's 30 Day Meditation Challenge.

Happy Easy Breezy Pregnancy to all.